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                                   We Gladly Accept                                      Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Cash, and Debit Cards 
                   2101 DAYTON BLVD. CHATTANOOGA, TN. 37415

                                     FALL-WINTER SALE DATES  

              All About Kids                                 All About Grownups

   **Open One Week Only
**           ** Open One Week Only **

       April  18th. - 25th.  
               May 9th. - May 17th.
         Saturday 10a -7p                                          Saturday 9a-6p
        Sunday  12p - 7p                                 Sunday 12p-6p

      Monday - Friday 10a - 7p                 Monday - Thursday 10a-6p
            *HALF OFF*
      Saturday April 25th  8a - 4p                   
                                                                 Friday May 15th   10a-7p

                                                                 Sat. May 16th.    9a-6p
      Mid-Week Drop Off                        
      Monday April 20th. (all day)                   *60% OFF Sunday *
     Shop New Items Tues. (4/21)                May 17th. 12p-6p
    Helpers, Consignors, New Moms              
    Shop Before Public  Contact Us              
    Us For Details

         **Please be sure to check the "What's New
    Page." There Are SEVERAL NEW CHANGES**

                             $$EARN EXTRA MONEY$$
           ****Check It Out On The "What's New" Page****

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~ then to - "I'm a buyer, just add me to the mailing list"

~ NOTE:The New Mom link is not active, if you are a new mom, please sign up as a buyer

                                         Drop off dates 
Kids Sale                                                                                              

               April 10--5-8p  early bird passes                                                                                                                                   11--10a-6p early bird passes                                                                        

          Mid-Week drop-off---Mon. 4/20  10a-7p

                 Adult Sale
           May 2--10-5p

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